Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Ignore Celebrities

A recent comment to a post here brags about the poster's practice of ignoring the celebrity blogger.

There is nothing new here for, I, I am proud to say, have been ignoring celebrities for years, with pleasing and positive results.

I have complimented many many celebrities by not speaking to them or otherwise acknowledging their presence: like the time I fled from the sight of Paul Newman standing on top of a truck in Oshkosh, WI (the van looked like it was about to run me over); the time I passed by Glen Campbell in a San Antonio Hotel hallway while averting my eyes like a 19th century servant (though I fell over a potted plant and broke my nose).

And there was the recent event where I proudly averted my eyes while walking right by Barack Obama. Though Mr. Obama had his hand out and was asking something about me voting for him, I nevertheless refused to violate his privacy and ran even faster as he ran after me, calling out "Wait! Wait! Come back!" But I, sensitive to his need for his private space, knew he would regret talking to me, even after he collapsed exhausted on the sidewalk. Fortunately, this time, I did not fall over or run into anything either and so Mr. Obama's privacy remains intact!

My practice of ignoring celebrities has certainly been worth it! I received effusive handwritten letters from all three of the above celebrities (and many others) thanking me for ignoring them!

Thank you your help.