Friday, October 9, 2009

I Am Worried About Bacon

Hello Everyone:

Please watch the moving video program below starring the Very Nice Congressman.

After watching this video, I became very concerned and sent the following e-mail to President Obama:

"Dear President Obama:

If you are planning to, please do not eat another bacon-lettuce-and tomato sandwich (BLT). According to a moving video picture I just saw starring a very angry but nice congressman, the Republican Party will ban bacon if they find out you have eaten another BLT sandwich. I would be very very sad if this happened, because I like BLT sandwiches very very much and eat them every single day. If the Republican Party banned bacon, they would be just LT sandwiches, which does not sound very appetizing to me.

Maybe if you put something like boiled spinach, green pepper or eggplant in your sandwiches instead, that would be better, because I would not mind if the Republican Party banned those three unpleasant foodstuffs.

Thank you for your help.

Hugh Lafferty"

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