Thursday, October 15, 2009

The High Cost of Breathing

The Breathing Meter for the Lafferty House
(Ours is the one on the top)

Hello Everyone:

Today, I learned another Very Important Thing from the Smartest Man I Have Ever Met. He told me in his blog that breathing air in Tribeca, a neighborhood in New York City, costs 15 cents!

I immediately wanted to know: Is that 15 cents per cubic foot? If so, that is a lot to pay for the air that you breathe! In Emeryville, we pay 10 cents per cubic foot, but 50 cents per cubic yard. There is no discount for breathing air in bulk, so we do not run or otherwise exert our bodies very much (unless we are being chased by the always hungry East Bay Street Wolf.) We cramp up a lot, but we do save lots of money.

I asked Hodgman if he could possibly post the rates for breathing in the many various neighborhoods of New York? As my family and I would like to pay a visit to New York City someday, it would probably be a Very Good Idea to post these rates. I wonder if they have breathing meters like we do in Emeryville? Except for the one that is hooked up to our house, ours look like parking meters. Sometimes I have a hard time telling the difference, which is why my wife, Gladys, does not let me out of the house very often.

Talk about the high cost of living!

Thank you for your help.

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